Rollers series 309 - 312 - 312P - 313 - 313P

Rollers series 309 - 312 - 312P - 313 - 313P

ROLLERS SERIES 309-312-312P-313-313P

They are used on high speed continuously operating belt conveyors handling heavy materials even in unfavorable environment conditions.


The shell is made from steel tube with very close tolerances according to DUGOMRULLI standard specifications.

The housings are made of stamped plate and welded to the tube.

Fully automated robotic welding lines, guarantee the perfect execution and centering of the rollers.

They are designed specifically to withstand shocks, vibrations and great axial loads.

Special design-specific welding systems provide Dugom rollers with perfect balance and exceptionally close radial oscillation tolerance, making them ideal for high-speed conveyors by eliminating those vibrations, which shorten the life of both ball bearings and structures.


These are radial rigid precision bearings of the leading brand names and are dimensioned for rated lives from 10.000 to 50.000 hours.


Dugom rollers are fitted with Ermex C6 seals, which protect bearings and lubricant grease from outside particles intrusion.

As result of 50 years’ experience coupled with extensive research and development, they are designed to keep rolling resistance to a minimum over long periods of time and under the most different and adverse working conditions.


Rollers series 309 are lubricated for temperatures between – 10°C and + 90°C.

They can also be greased for TB temperatures (-30°C +90°C) and TE temperatures (-10°C +150°C).

Special materials may be requested case by case for the extreme working temperatures.

In normal execution rollers are supplied with plain tube and galvanized outside shields.

The catalogue show the essential technical data, the standard lengths and the executions available on request.

Diameters from 60 to 159mm.

Load capacities up to 11,000N according to the series, the speed, the length and the design rated life.