Dugom Rulli soluzioni complete per la movimentazione di carichi isolati

Unit Handling

Steel and plastic rollers for gravity conveyors and dynamic storage systems, for chain and belt driven conveyors, for special applications.

Dugom Rulli una gamma completa di accessori a rullo per automotive


Skid and pallet rollers driven by chains or belts. Codesign and customized solutions

Dugom Rulli soluzioni complete per il trasporto di materiale alla rinfusa

Bulk Handling

Rollers for light, medium and heavy duty belt conveyors.

Components and Accessories for Belt Conveyors

Sistemi di pulizia e raschianastri

Belt conveyors cleaning systems

A complete range of primary primary, secondary, inner conveyor belt scrapers with tungstencarbide blades. Quick and easy installation and maintenance.

Coperture per nastri trasportatori

Belt conveyors covers

Galvanised or pre-painted self-supporting covers with patented fastening systems for an easy installation to the conveyors frame.


Impact cradles for belt conveyors

DugomRulli impact cradles ensure the belt a wide support surface that optimally distributes the kinetic energy caused by the fall of the material.

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