DUGOM RULLI - Impact Cradles


DugomRulli impact cradles absorb the force of the falling material and ensure the belt a wide support surface that optimally distributes the kinetic energy caused by the fall of the material.
They consist of:
• A cradle base constructed from four I-beams;
• Two low friction side beds consisting of high density polyethylene floors or bars. The high density polyethylene bars are mounted on a lower layer of 45 Shore A energy-absorbing rubber;
• One low friction central bed with a number of DugomRulli SERIES 315 impact rollers (see catalogue MR06-M8) or, in case of materials in large lumps and with considerable falls, by high density polyethylene bars as above.
The range includes three types in accordance with standard CEMA 575-2013, which classify the cradles according to the impact energy from a single lump.