Cantilever 2-roll idlers - Belt guide rollers

Cantilever 2-roll idlers - Belt guide rollers


The Rollers with hermetically sealed ends, lubricated for life and protected by ERMEX C6 seals.

They are mounted on a central support, forming a very strong monolithic structure with Ø 15 mm. shafts.

The minimum distance in the center between the two rollers permits the use of extremely flexible belting.

The idler has to be bolted to a flat supporting base (made up for example of a base attachment type 110080) and can be easily positioned for proper belt alignment.

The table above shows the rated loads for 10.000 hours life, the weights and the assembling dimensions

The catalogue show the essential technical data, the assembling dimensions for the belt different widths and the load capacities according to the speed.

Diameters from 60 and 76mm.


To be mounted in pairs along the conveyor frame, near the belt edges, to stop swerving.

They are normally used on automatic belt aligning devices (training idlers).