Rollers on centers 301 - 308 - 309 - 312

Rollers on centers 301 - 308 - 309 - 312

ROLLERS ON CENTERS 301-308-309-312


The conveyance of big quantities of small objects may require the use of very long rollers with very small distance between centers.

DugomRulli has patented some solutions that allow to produce rollers that, even with a small diameter, can reach lengths over 2.500 mm. These are rollers, whose bearings rotate on centers instead of on a passing shaft, which bending would be excessive, due to its length. An important characteristic of these rollers is their good concentricity, which is necessary for high speed uses.

They are typically used in the food industry and in the tile production.

Steel tube. Precision radial rigid ball bearings, suitable for speeds up to 500 rounds/minute.

Working temperature between –10% and +50%.

The catalogue show the essential technical data and the executions upon request. The loads depending on speed and length are also given.

Diameters from 27 to 40 mm.


For very large conveyors it may be opportune to use rollers on centers, even in case of load units that do not require reduced distances between centers and, as a consequence, small diameters.

The rollers on centers have the advantage of avoiding the ingallonamento of the bearings, due to the bending of the shaft, but they require rigid enough frames to oppose the couple that is created, at the fastening level, due to the missing shaft.


These rollers can be provided with sprockets or pulleys for roller conveyors driven by chains or timing belts.