Medium-duty Rollers 307 - 308

Medium-duty Rollers 307 - 308


They are suitable for straight and curved roller conveyors handling medium and heavy loads, even in dusty environments. Steel tube. CH17 key attachment or M10 bored and tapped shaft for easy assembling on bored side frames. Precision radial rigid bearings type 6202. Standard bored and tapped shaft rollers have sealed bearings type 6202-2RS, furtherly covered by a type 1 protection, while CH17 key attachment rollers have open bearings and a grade 6 protection (Ermex C6). For further information please see chapter C01. For applications that require a particular smoothness, CH17 attachment rollers could be provided with grade 4 protection.

In case of severe environmental conditions we suggest the use of grade 6 (ErmexC6) protections also for bored and tapped shaft rollers.

Rollers are normally supplied with natural tube and greased for normal temperatures (–10°C +90°C).

The catalogue shows the essential technical data and the executions available on request.

Diameters from38 to 89 mm. Rated loads up to 3,800N according to the type, the speed and the length.