Rolls series 308

Rolls series 308


These rollers are particularly designed for belt conveyors with medium loads and lump sizes even in unfavourable environmental conditions. They are assembled on 6202 precision bearings of leading brands, greased for life and protected by the very effective ERMEX C6 protections, incorporating a waterproof wear-recovering seal.

The rollers are lubricated for the normal temperature range ( – 10°C + 90°C).

They can be lubricated also for TB ( – 30°C – 10°C) and TE (+ 90°C + 150°C) temperatures.

Special materials may be requested case by case for the extreme working temperatures.

In normal execution rollers are supplied with plain tube and galvanized outside shields.

The catalogue show the essential technical data, the standard lengths and the executions available on request.

Diameters from 60 to 102mm.

CH17 drop-in attachments.

Load capacity up to 3,800N according to the speed and the length.